"Families and teachers might wish that the school could do the job alone. But today's school needs families, and today's families need the school. In many ways, this mutual need may be the greatest hope for change." - Dorothy Rich


"At the end of every school year, I sit with my cabinet and review the happenings of that

year in order to plan for the next year. The 2015- 2016 school year was uniquely

challenging because of the merger of the School of Integrated Learning Middle School

354 and Middle School for Academic and Social Excellence (M.S. 334). I’m happy and

proud to report that my team, working alongside Mrs. Betsie Green (interim acting

principal of MS 334) and her team, plus the parent leadership of both schools, have

completed this merger successfully, with fewer challenges than we anticipated. This

experience reaffirmed the value I place on and strengthened my commitment to

teamwork. We are grateful to ALL for working together with the singular goal

of creating a new and improved School of Integrated Learning Middle School 354.

Thanks team! As we continue to collaborate in providing OUR CHILDREN with the most

meaningful middle school experience, we invite all families to renew their commitment

to significant and meaningful parent involvement for the 2017 – 2018 school year. Years

of experience tell us that before we can develop effective partnerships, educators and

families first have to learn to trust and respect one another. We welcome your input in

helping us to foster a caring and sensitive school climate that respects and responds to

students' differences as well as their similarities. This being your school, families are

encouraged to simply take the time to visit us and observe, learn about what

your children and your children's teachers are doing. Our Parent Coordinator Mr. E.

Cormack (Room 350 Ext. 3502) is  available  from 8:30 Am until 4:00 PM, on school days,

to assist with any and every issue you may  have. "     - Monique A. Campbell, Principal