The Physical Education Department at MS 354 seeks to provide students with the opportunity to improve upon athletic skills in order to become efficient, knowledgeable and self-confident individuals.  The goal of the department is to offer our students a wide range of activities and experiences throughout athletics and increase student fitness. These activities include the exploration of both local sports and games, as well as gaining knowledge in sports that are from other countries across the world.  Our Department also offers NYC Champs after school basketball teams. Other options, such as flag football and track and field are also offered in the building.  In addition to the physical domain, students will develop a more positive self-concept, improve critical thinking skills, increase their appreciation for individual and cultural differences, and exhibit appropriate social and emotional behaviors. 

Counseling in Schools provides wellness services to families and students that educate children and parents about emotional wellness and early identification of children in need of mental health services. Our onsite Masters Level Social Worker and Masters Level Creative Arts Therapist provides individual and group counseling to students. Students discuss topics such as;

-       Mindfulness

-       Self-Regulation

-       Stress Management

-       Anger Management

-       Crisis Intervention

-       Conflict Resolution

-       Knitting Club

Along with counseling services we are able to refer families to outside services to further support their needs.