Dear Scholars,

The path to college is about learning what’s right for you. With awareness preparation and guidance we believe that you will find the right college and career for you. Our program begins in the 6th Grade where we introduce our scholars to the study skills, self-knowledge, career discovery, and college readiness they need to succeed in the classroom and throughout their lives. We believe that students’ success is directly related to accountability, so we hold our scholars highly accountable with their actions and academics.

Our dynamic academic program allows students to demonstrate both strengths in creative, technological and academic areas. MS 354 scholars demonstrate intellectual curiosity and initiative by challenging themselves both inside and outside of the classroom.

Our scholars are encouraged to participate in a variety of activities: athletics, community service, cultural experiences, fine and performing arts. Offering this variety ensures that our scholars develop well-rounded characters. The development of each student as an individual is crucial and our college counseling facilitates conversations that allow students to engage in a process of self-discovery.

College counseling takes place first and foremost in the classroom daily. We also welcome individual student meetings. Family meetings and host college preparedness workshops and informational meetings for families throughout the year. We invite college admission representatives to our campus so that our students and families have the opportunity to hear from those that will ultimately be reading our students’ applications in a few short years.

At MS 354 we equip young minds with the knowledge and skills they need to evaluate, compare and make thoughtful choices so they can become not only informed and engaged citizens of the world but tomorrow’s great leaders.


The School of Integrated Learning MS 354