Our school campus is the public school building I.S. 390, Maggie L. Walker School. This building is a well known staple within the community, named after Maggie L. Walker,  a teacher, strong community leader, humanitarian and prominent businesswoman from Richmond, Virginia.  As a teenager she joined the local council of the Independent Order of St. Luke which administered aid to the sick aged and underprivileged within the community. She rose to leadership as the Right Worthy Grand Secretary in 1899, a position she held until her death. With outstanding public relation strategies, strategic fiscal policies an enthusiasm, she reformed the dying organization and helped it thrive. In 1902 she established the St. Luke Herald to foster closer communication between the Order and the public, Mrs. Walker reasoned " Let us put our money together, let us use our money together; let us put our money out at usury among ourselves and reap the benefit ourselves." and in 1903 she founded the St. Luke Penny Savings Bank. She served as the bank's first president making her the first African-American to charter a bank in the United States. Mrs. Walker served in many civic groups for the rights ad upliftment of African-Americans and women, including serving as the V.P.of the local N.A.A.C.P. Even during the decline of her health Mrs. Walker remained active in her social commitments and maintained her leadership of the Independent Order of St. Luke until her death on December 15, 1934.

Maggie L. Walker's commitment to the upliftment of her community and the education of its people stands as the firm foundation of our school's principles. We exist to serve our community and educate our children.